Frontier Refrigeration custom builds environmental chambers for stress testing windows, doors, and sealed units. Design temperatures can fluctuate between -40°F on the cold side to 100°F and 100% relative humidity on the hot side.

The cold side of the chamber is stationary with the refrigeration equipment located in an adjacent mechanical room. The remote air cooled condenser is roof mounted directly above the chamber. The warm side of the chamber is fully removable, allowing for insertion of complete sealed.

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Deer Lodge Hospital two door morgue cooler conversion to single door.

We do work on all brands of Lab and hospital equipment that have refrigeration systems:


Freeze Dryers

Environmental Test Chambers

Refrigerated Cold Traps

Refrigerated centrifuges

Blood fridges

Plasma freezers

Plasma thaw machines

-80C freezers

-150C freezers

Anaerobic chambers

Quality Used Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

We carry commercial and industrial HVAC solutions.