Take a look at our recent projects throughout Manitoba and southwest Ontario.

Chiller Install

Chiller installed with piping, pump, controls, and electrical.

Ductless Split

Ductless split installed complete with headers, condensers and piping.

Roof Top Unit Install

New Roof Top Units installed complete with new curb adapters, and gas piping connections.

More Projects

University of Manitoba Wind Tunnel– 160KM Wind Speed, -30ºC, Variable Speed, Temperature & Air Correction

Loewen Windows Environmental Stress Chamber (see project details below) – -40ºF, to 100ºF and 100% RH

Pelican Falls School Geothermal Project (project details to come)– Largest Lake Loop in Western Ontario; 120-ton geothermal project/water furnace heat pump

Phillips & Temro Shock Chamber– -40ºC Drive-In Chamber to test block heaters on Semi-Trailers – Design-Build by Frontier Refrigeration

Winnipeg River Learning Center– Chillers/Design-Build

Probably most of our memorable projects
Probably most of our memorable projects