Project to solve a cooling problem

We recently took on a project to solve a cooling problem for a new customer
Our initial call was to service the ICE MUA to rectify the air flow problem.

The main issue was a damaged squirrel cage result of bearing failure.

We were able to source shaft, bearings and squirrel cage for this old MUA and get it up and running again.

The other issue we found was the previous contractor had installed two A coils within the filter hood and blocked off the balance of the surface area to draw air through the A coils. Needless to say they acted like filters, fins were packed with dirt and no air filters to be found. We designed a system to add 10 ton capacity to the system.

To save the customer money on the install we chose a two circuit evaporator coil to allow us to repurpose the existing 5 ton CU When checking on coil delivery we saw delivery would not be possible before end of cooling season.

Reaching out to suppliers we found stock 5 ton case coils that would handle the existing air flow nicely.

Working with stock coils meant we needed to build ducting with structure to handle these larger coils. Working with our in-house Red Seal Sheet Metal Technician and our sub trade fab shop, we designed a retrofit duct complete with coil structure, summer, winter bypass damper and complete filter section. We utilized the existing hood and added the retrofit for an amazing finish by our team.

Once installed we connected the existing CU to one of the coils, performed leak check, evacuation while we built the control interlock.

Start-up was perfect.

The customer now can budget for a second CU with hot gas by pass in the near future.

For now they have an expandable system in place and a well designed retrofit ducting, filter and summer/winter bypass system.

Special thanks to the team that worked on this together
Kyle (Frontier SM)
Tess Air( Fab shop)
Nick( HVAC tech)
We have posted before and after pictures

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