Our expertise in design and installation can assist you from concept through completion. Afterwards, you can feel at ease knowing Frontier’s well trained technicians can keep your investment operating efficiently with our tailored preventative maintenance program. Should you have unplanned needs, our 24 hour computerized dispatch service will ensure someone is responding to your concerns promptly.Since 1979, Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Ltd. has proven to be a true “Solutions Provider”

  • Building HVACR &Controls-Boilers, chillers, forced  air, radiant
  • Arena/Curling Facilities-Artificial ice plants, heat reclaim, humidity control
  • Scientific-Ultra Low Temperature, clean rooms, environmental chambers
  • In-floor heating commercial and residential
  • Computer room cooling prepackaged, design build
  • Chillers
  • Geothermal


Our intent is to familiarize you with our organization, its philosophy, and our goal of providing a consistently high level of service and expertise.
Our technicians are available on a 24 hour basis to solve any problems you may encounter…big or small.

Our Customers Include:

  • Apotex
  • Cangene
  • MIT (Manitoba Infrastructure) Winnipeg, Selkirk, The Pas and Thompson
  • City of Winnipeg
  • Concordia Hospital
  • Pineland Nursery (MIT)
  • Health Science Center
  • IBEX
  • Onyx Property Management
  • Public Works
  • Seven Oaks Hospital
  • University of Manitoba
  • Value Village Stores
  • Virology Center (Inclusive Level 4)
  • Victoria Hospital
  • The Wellness Center
  • University of Manitoba Refrigerated Wind Tunnel
  • Loewen Windows Refrigerated/Heated Test Chamber
  • Winnipeg River learning Center 120 ton geothermal system
  • Many Boiler Installations
  • Countless Refrigeration systems including small to large refrigerated rooms
  • Make-up air and large roof-top HVAC equipment
  • In floor hydronic systems
  • Many hockey and curling rinks through-out Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, BC and the USA
  • Hockey and Curling Club sales, service and installations our specialty.

CALL US TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR START-UP (204) 694–2238 In closing, thank you for choosing us as your service provider of choice.
It has been Frontier Refrigeration’s philosophy from the beginning to provide the highest level of service possible and to take pride in completing a job properly.  We at Frontier, take great pride in finding the best solution to meet your needs.  Providing you – the customer, with an efficient reliable method of dealing with your concerns is our goal.


What People Are Saying...Frontier,... way ahead!

The startup on Sat could not have gone any better which is a indication of the work your guys performed. (Also Walter and I did a  pretty good job on the engineering as well)

- Rick Dodds - Southampton Air Conditioning

Hi Walter
Had Dave out to look at sharp freezer at hospital.
He a great guy and technician.
He very knowledgeable and great to talk with him
Very professional attitude and knowledgeable.
I never came across such in my years
Be a pleasure if he came out again ,should we problems with Ac or Refrigeration unit .
I learn much from him, for brief time he was out here .
A gentleman with great attitude and great guy.
Took time to explain what he doing and walk me thru he was doing , and plus many little things he share with me , i learn lots from him.
Just thought share this with you
Great guy you have in your company

-Randy Asham - Percy Moore Hospital-

I find your company to be outstanding! Thanks

-Fred, Seven Oaks Hospital-

Dave was in yesterday and all is good. He is a great technician. Explained everything to me and we will be updating our processes here to help improve the functionality of the unit.

-Bre Bebber-

Great new, Thanks to you Walter for your interest in helping us and for the good job of your technicians.


-Francois Faucher-

Hey Wally/Walter,

Pat gave great feedback on your repairs/customer care you provided at her residence last week.

Keep up the great work buddy !!!!


Thanks Walter, nice to hear from you. Your guys have been providing excellent service.


Larry and Dave,
It is always good news when you do not receive calls after recent services.The freeze dryer has been working good for the last week, and yesterday we initiated another run. The unit, so far, is performing just fine. Thank you for your dedication, perseverance and knowledge.



Walter, We have had Geo-thermal for 20 years. The system is the closed loop. The first furnace was installed and then replaced with a second unit which has now been in for 12 years and we have had no problems. Frontier has looked after us with great service.  The heating system is great and very efficient.  We are very pleased with the company.

-Thanks, Glenn M.-

Walter & Walter Jr.: I want to thank you both for the fast service in diagnosing the problem with my heat pump.  Then Walter finding me a new fan motor.  Then the work that Walter Jr. did with the installation, modification in the fan motor logic.  The job was done as quickly as possible and the work site was left clean.

 -Thank you from Danny & Caroline-

“We had an hvac unit installed in our church building and I can say that Walter and the team at frontier are very professional. Frontier went out of their way for us and made this experience a great one! They are friendly, knowledgeable and honest about what they do. You will definitely be making the right choice by using frontier refrigeration and mechanical systems!”

-Ken F., Today’s Church-

German dedication and quality of workmanship. I like that.

-Kris P.-

Wanted to say a HUGE Thank you to your company, Frontier Refrigeration & Mechanical Services. In January our Fan Motor on our Geothermal Furnace failed and we called a competitor to come and fix the issue. We were left a week and a half without heat during the coldest time of the year (-45c at its coldest), multiple dangerous ongoing wiring & mechanical issues, unnecessary part replacement and a huge bill! We were at the end of our rope and discouraged.

Two months into the process our hot water tank needed replacing and knew the right thing to do was call Frontier to replace the hot water tank and take a look at the Geothermal furnace to see if your team could diagnose and fix the issues the competitor had caused.

Your team was not only professional, clean and courteous while replacing the hot water tank, but managed to diagnose the furnace issues quickly as well. Your guys saved us from cold nights and likely saved us from having our house burning down due to bad wiring on the electrical panel. We can’t thank you all enough! You should be very proud of your team and the quality of service you provide! I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat and advise anyone to wait until your team can get there before calling anyone else!


-Shannon B. & Alan G.-

I would highly recommend Frontier Mechanical for any work that might need to be done.  The quality of the product and their staff has been outstanding.   About 20 years ago I had them put a ground source heating system when I built my home.   In that entire time I had no problems with my system.   It is also attached to my main hot water tank and we never ran out of hot water while raising three sons and all that was needed to keep them clean.  We just had an issue with the furnace after all this time.   I called Frontier about it and they were here the next day  ( I couldn't be home the day I called )  The service man ( Wally )  Was quick and we are very happy that our system is now fully working.  THANK YOU ALL AT Frontier for your service.  I would recommend them to anyone.

-John P.-

Walter it is us who should be thanking you for your patience, and the hard work you completed to make the customer happy. Thank you.

-Ron V., Rheem Canada Ltd-  Rheem

We have used Frontier Mechanical on two separate occasions for commercial and residential. Dealing with Walter was a pleasure, when he quoted on the commercial refrigeration he came with many options and price points. When we decided to go with Frontier for the HVAC for the cooler, the job was done on time and on budget. I then decided to use Frontier again for a residential job on my house. The job was a difficult retrofit and they were very flexible on listening to my opinions as to hide the new piping. I would use Frontier again and would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.

-Jonathon G., CEO-

Hi Walter, I was just at my Springfield location and everything looked good. Your guys did an excellent job! Thanks.

-Greg W., IT Manager STAR-

The Ice machine is running well -  the installation and service were great! It was a pleasure to meet Wally and Steve. Thanks Walter.

-Molly P., UOM Biochemistry-

Just to quickly touch base with you to let you know that the job that Rick and Scott completed on our water chiller system is working perfectly.
In a very professional way they searched for the problem, found the solution and we did not have any issues since then. Thanks.

-Isaac C., P.Eng-

Walter, I have attached the Oct 15 and Jan 16 data of our new Ecosmart Geosmart GT that was installed last March, as you can see the performance has made me extremely happy. The efficiency and operation of the heat pump seems to be well above our old Cantherm that was removed, we keep the house temperature 1 degree C warmer (I don’t move the set temp at all set at 22 C) our auxiliary base board heaters in the sun room very seldom come on (Dimplex LRC with wall mount thermostat set at 20C).

-Jim K.-

"Thanks for your service. You are proud of your son and staff for good reason. I am glad that Sharon recommended you."
-D. Mcleod-
"Gentlemen, Please consider adding Frontier Mechanical to our list of pre-qualified mechanical contractors. Walter Lehman is a locally recognized refrigeration expert. We call Walter for advice whenever we have a problem that we cannot solve. I am confident that his new company will provide us with excellent service! Thanks for your consideration."-Mike, University of Manitoba-"Hi Walter, I’m writing this to inform you and the guys that did the install how pleased I am with your work and the performance of my new updated heat pump (GEOSMART ) at my home. The performance compared to the old heat pump is beyond my expectations, the operating time and power consumption is at least 30-40% less than the old system which I thought was good. I’m anxious to see how the system performs in the dead of a Winnipeg winter, judging up to now (March to date) it should also exceed my expectations.I must also add I am very pleased with quietness of the operation compared to my old Cantherm system. I’ll keep you informed as our winter progresses. Thanks again."


"Well, I was freezing my butt off in there the other day! Our Tree Freezer seems to work fine, thanks for the good work."

-Dave, Pineland Forest Nursery-

"Frontier definitely has the best crew. All their guys are very knowledgable and friendly. Mostly important, they know what they are doing. They fix everything right at the first time. Furthermore, they understand the urgency of the fast food industry very well, they do everything possible to eliminate/minimize my downtime. Highly recommended to any restaurants or anyone who need cooling o/a heating services."

-Tim, DQ-

"Hi Steve, everything is working 100% I have not touched anything at all with any part of the system . I think that because everything is working so well, management has forgotten there's still work to be done! But I have sent in the request have more t-stats to be replaced and the hrv s to be placed on timers. Still waiting for new budget.
I have to say , that asking for more to be done is hard when this is the best that the heat has worked in the 7 years , I highly recommend frontier mechanical to anybody.
We will be in touch as soon as I get the green light."

-Glenn, O&M Nnec Siouxlookout-

"Over the past 5 years we've worked closely with Frontier Refrigeration on numerous mechanical projects including steam boiler retrofitting, installation of new condensing boiler hot water heating and geothermal cooling systems, and maintenance of our existing mechanical refrigeration systems. Working with Walter and the crews from Frontier has always been professional, flexible, and straightforward even when challenges arise. I would certainly recommend them for any HVAC project."
-Peregrin, P.Eng. Project Manager / Building Partner SO-X Building-
"I have confidence in you Walter. A company is just a company. I did just that, built a company around good people. Thanks for your help."

-Brian, COO Entegra-

"Frontier Refrigeration removed our geothermal heat pump and installed the new heat pump and thermostat over the last couple of days. They did a fantastic job!"

Great new, Thanks to you Walter for your interest in helping us and for the good job of your technicians. 


-Francois F-

Wally J has turned into a fine mechanic and customers are taking notice!