Rick’s retirement at Frontier-Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Ltd.

Rick and I had worked together in the early 70’s when I left to join Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Ltd. in 1979

Rick was the lead hand at Fleming Pedlar. In those days Fleming Pedlar was one of the larger refrigeration sales, service and installation contractors and Rick was one of a group of tightly knit service and installation experts.

I was fortunate to work under Ricks supervision for approximately five years, having installed ice rinks in northern communities and Grocery Store Installs through Manitoba and Ontario.

When Fleming Pedlar was acquired by a US based company Rick stayed on to run many large refrigeration projects across Canada.
The company was eventually wound down and Rick at age 58 felt he was not ready to retire and reached out me (some 12 years earlier )and offered to join our company .
We have worked together for the past twelve years having completed many refrigeration , air conditioning, and geothermal projects.
Rick has mentored many technicians throught Winnipeg during his twelve years at Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Ltd.

Many of our staff and our friends from a favourite Thai resturant that we had many a lunch together with Frontier staff, were able to attend on Friday to celebrate with special day with Rick and Cindy.

I am grateful that I have known Rick in excess of 49 years , having worked together for 17 years👍

Summer is a busy time and for that reason not everyone was able to attend.
The great turnout is testimony how much everyone appreciated the time we all worked together!

Happy Reirement Rick!

From all the staff at Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Ltd.

“ Under Promise, Over Deliver” is our goal on every project and Rick made this happen on every job he undertook even to his retirement day!

Job well done Rick!
Enjoy your retirement
Well deserved retirement