Ductless split AC for the Pinawa Golf and Country Club

Having recently completed a ductless split AC for the Pinawa Golf and Country Club , we were the people they called when the old Carrier RTU failed.

The old unit was end discharge with a downturn plenum box that we would need to match to.

We located a Carrier convertible RTU and were able to match up to the plenum box
The old unit sat on wood sleepers that were encased in foam when the roof was redone earlier.

Our new unit was a heat/cool and approximately 3’ longer. We were able to use the original foamed in place sleepers and add additional supports as needed.

We picked up the unit from the supplier during a huge rain and lighting storm , while one tech went to site to break free the old unit and prep for a lift.

It was raining and lightning when we got there, however the sky quickly cleared and we found perfect timing to remove the old unit and place the new unit.

Next day was quite the opposite, being 33 C on the roof when we returned for the finishing touches, sealing of the ducting, wiring and start-up.

Special thanks to our team
Rick is retiring this Friday after 50 years in the industry! Rick and I have worked together and known each other for the past fifty years,
working together early in my career and then later again when he joined us at Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services Ltd,staying with us into his retirement.This Friday we will help celebrate Rick’s retirement at Mae Sunee Thai Restaurant

Special thanks to the rest of the team

Scott( Electrian)
Armstrong Crane
What a team effort!

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