Design & Build

Probably most of our memorable projects have been our design/builds.

Some of our more notable designs have been:

  • University of Manitoba Wind Tunnel– 160KM Wind Speed, -30ºC, Variable Speed, Temperature & Air Correction
  • Loewen Windows Environmental Stress Chamber (see project details below) – -40ºF, to 100ºF and 100% RH
  • Pelican Falls School Geothermal Project (project details to come)– Largest Lake Loop in Western Ontario; 120 ton geothermal project / water furnace heat pump
  • Phillips & Temro Shock Chamber– -40ºC Drive-In Chamber to test block heaters on Semi-Trailers
    – Design Build by Frontier Refrigeration
  • Winnipeg River Learning Center– Chillers/Design Build

Loewen Windows Environmental Stress Chamber

Frontier Refrigeration Custom Built Environmental Chamber for stress testing window, door, and sealed units.

The design temperatures are -40ºF, to 100ºF and 100% RH.


The cold side of the chamber is stationary with refrigeration equipment located in a adjacent mechanical room. The remote air-cooled condenser is roof mounted directly above the chamber.

The warm side of the chamber is fully removable, allowing for insertion of complete sealed units for testing. These can vary in size from small windows to complete patio doors. Once the test piece is crane inserted, the movable portion of the chamber is rolled to the stationary chamber is rolled to the stationary chamber and cam locked together.

All of the design work, assembly and control work was preformed by Frontier Refrigeration for a design built specification requested by Loewen Windows.

Assiniboine Ave boiler, chiller, MUA, Exhaust,Walk-in Cooler , Four Pipe Fan Coils and Controls

A past completed Design , Build Refrigeration project

Quality Used Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

We carry commercial and industrial HVAC solutions.

Our expertise in design and installation can assist you from concept through completion. Afterwards, you can feel at ease knowing Frontier’s well trained technicians can keep your investment operating efficiently with our tailored preventative maintenance program.



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