Walter Lehmann: The Boss

  • Born in Germany
  • Immigrated to Canada in in 1958 with parents and brother
  • Attended Tec Voc Vocational School for two years enrolled in electrical
  • Lived in Germany for two years after leaving high school,worked at Heckler and Koch as a semi skilled machinist
  • Returned to Winnipeg and worked for: Federal Pioneer Electric-Electric Transformer Assembly, Otis Elevators-Install elevators at the Boyd Building, Winnipeg Supply-Service Oil Fired Heating Equipment through-out Winnipeg and Manitoba
  • Held patents on Low Temperature Geothermal Water to Water Heat Pump, and Ice Storage Buffer in both Canada and the USA
  • Designed and Built Geothermal Ice Rinks with this technology through-out North America, and abroad
  • Graduated from Red River Community College in 1975.
  • Worked for two Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Companies before striking out on his own
  • Started Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services in 1980

Personal Interests

  • Sports including Broomball, Judo, Volleyball (active through-out my youth)
  • Fishing
  • Geothermal
  • Travel
  • German Beer, Food and World Cup Soccer (all in the same day!)


I purchased a minority position in Frontier Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in 1979. With-in the next several years I purchased the shares of one of the funding partners ,to partner with the existing partner at a share split of 45%(mine) and 55% (his).Several years later I would purchase the remaining shares to obtain 100 % ownership.In the course of 100% ownership I would change the target markets for the company,seeing out new technologies that would provide niche markets for our company and to better position us for growth in coming years.

Laboratory and Hospital Refrigeration Service

Our first goal was to become established in the Hospital,Laboratory Refrigeration Marketplace, servicing the most sophisticated refrigeration equipment that was found in these specialized locations. We quickly became known for this type of service. New equipment manufactures would contact us directly before selling their equipment into Manitoba to ensure that we would be the company of choice to look after their equipment both during the warranty period as well as afterwards.This niche has cemented our reputation in Manitoba and ensures that we receive the calls to repair or modify the most complex HVACR problems for a variety and ever growing customer base.This department alone has grown to three full time mechanics to service the Manitoba Marketplace.


We were one of the first companies in Manitoba to embrace the newly emerging geothermal marketplace, designing and installing hundreds of residential and commercial projects with-out the assistance of numerous Design Softwares that are available today.Our company pioneered the Geothermal Application to Ice Rinks and Low temperature applications utilizing off the shelve geothermal products.The existing technology was found to be less efficient when utilized for the low temperatures required for Ice Rinks and other specialized low temperature applications.With that in mind,utilizing our vast refrigeration resources, refrigeration and geothermal experience ,we designed and marketed the first water to water heat pump specifically designed for this marketplace. The technology is now utilized by several manufactures to manufacture product for this market place.We are continually involved with research on new technology and ways to reduce energy use for our customers.

Design Build HVACR

Our company specializes in this concept to include full design and installation of HVACR Systems from one source,the contractor. Our Design Build experience has led us to complete complete chilled water systems for many larger clients including:

  • Interlake Regional Health Authority (Chilled Water Air conditioning)
  • Rehau Manufacturing (Process cooling)
  • Winpak (Process Cooling)
  • Winnipeg River Learning Center (Geothermal Design Build for 20,000 square foot learning center utilizing our geothermal designed/built water to water heat pumps)

Service work

We provide high level service work with exceptional follow up to ensure that our customers and their equipment is looked after in a professional manner, tailed to ensure a continuous stream of happy, satisfied repeat customers.

Preventative Maintenance

Designed to save the customer energy dollars by ensuring well maintained equipment and reduced downtime due to failures when equipment is not well maintained.Providing customers good value for their investment and providing the service that they have invested in.

Below are just a few of our incredible staff who make the “real” difference!

Rick Bryant
Service Manager+35 years at Frontier

Dave Kepp
Laboratory Division+30 years at Frontier

Larry Kyrzyk
Laboratory Division+25 years at Frontier

Scott Halford
Red Seal Technician

Trish Sacher
Service / Sales / Invoicing & Preventative Maintenance

Wally J Lehmann
Red Seal Technician

Denise St. Pierre
Payables and Receivables

Bryan Giardino (Guido)
Red Seal Technician

Nick Johnson
Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanic

Lindsay Ben Miller
Red Seal/B gas-fitters licensed plumber

Gina Prokipchuk
Safety Officer / Service Dispatch / Office Reception


Mike Walmsley
Boilers HVAC Controls
Cleaver Brooks Certified

Steve Mclassac

Ryan Fennessy

Todd Agnew
A Ticket Gas Fitter/Estimator/Sales

Thomas Pierrard
First level apprentice

Owyn Twardowski
  4th level HVAC/Refrigeration/Heating Technician

Frontier Xmas Party at Mona Lisa – 2017

Xmas Staff Party at Rumors – 2016

Xmas Staff Party at Thai Bochi – 2015

Company Fishing Trip Crowduck Lake – 2014

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